Accurate Unbounded Dependency Recovery using Generalized Categorial Grammars


Accurate recovery of predicate-argument dependencies is vital for interpretation tasks like information extraction and question answering, and unbounded dependencies may account for a significant portion of the dependencies in any given text. This paper describes a categorial grammar which, like other categorial grammars, imposes a small, uniform, and easily learnable set of semantic composition operations based on functor-argument relations, but like HPSG, is generalized to limit the number of categories used to those needed to enforce grammatical constraints. The paper also describes a novel reannotation system used to map existing resources based on Government and Binding Theory, like the Penn Treebank, into this categorial representation. This grammar is evaluated on an existing unbounded dependency recovery task (Rimell et al., 2009; Nivre et al., 2010).

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