Accuracy of prenatal ultrasonographic diagnosis of duplex renal system.

  title={Accuracy of prenatal ultrasonographic diagnosis of duplex renal system.},
  author={Patrizia Vergani and Patrizia Ceruti and A. F. Locatelli and Eloisa Mariani and Giuseppe L Paterlini and Chiara Zorloni and Alessandro Ghidini},
  journal={Journal of ultrasound in medicine : official journal of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine},
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Duplex renal system is a rare congenital anomaly of the urinary tract that can be diagnosed in utero. The purpose of this study was to establish the optimal diagnostic criteria for fetal renal duplication in a population undergoing prenatal sonographic screening. Between January 1989 and June 1997 we found 11 cases of duplex renal system, 10 of which were correctly identified in utero at a median gestational age of 28 weeks (range, 20 to 38 weeks), and one of which was a false-negative… CONTINUE READING