Accuracy Of Age Estimation In Kerala Population Using Gustafson’s Formula: A Forensic Evaluation


Gustafson’s age estimation includes six age related changes of teeth. He then calculated the regression formula to estimate the age. Six criteria are level of attrition, secondary dentine deposition in pulp, changes in periodontium, root resorption, cementum apposition and root translucency. The aim of the study was to study the physiological changes of teeth according to the Gustafson’s criteria and to access the age of the patient according to Gustafson’s formula, Maples and Rice and to derive a new formula for age estimation from teeth in Kerala population. The score was calculated from physiological changes in the teeth and a graph was plotted with actual age on one axis and the score calculated on the other. Regression formulae were derived from the obtained graph. 36 extracted anterior teeth were selected. Patient’s age and periodontal status was noted at the time of extraction. Teeth were longitudinally trimmed to about 25 micrometer and microscopically evaluated. All parameters of Gustafson’s formula were accessed and graded. A regression line was drawn from known age and the total score. A mean error of 4.32 ± 2.80, 3.84 ± 2.65 and 4.00 ± 2.84 was obtained with Gustafson’s formula, Maples formula and newly derived formula respectively. ANOVAs test was done was done to estimate the ages and it is found to be significant.

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