Accounting for finance in electrification models for sub-Saharan Africa

  title={Accounting for finance in electrification models for sub-Saharan Africa},
  author={Churchill Agutu and Florian Egli and Nathaniel J. Williams and Tobias Sebastian Schmidt and Bjarne Steffen},
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Assessing the United Nations sustainable development goals from the inclusive wealth perspective

The statement of sustainability in the sustainable development goals (SDGs) framework needs to be supplemented by a formal proof that intergenerational well-being also improves. This is the first

Africa needs context-relevant evidence to shape its clean energy future

Aligning development and climate goals means Africa’s energy systems will be based on clean energy technologies in the long term, but pathways to get there are uncertain and variable across



Expanding electricity access to all in Nigeria: a spatial planning and cost analysis

The challenge of lack of access to electricity especially in the rural areas of Nigeria is further compounded by the lack of cogent electrification plans. A fairly reasonable electrification plan

Mapping of affordability levels for photovoltaic-based electricity generation in the solar belt of sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia and South Asia

It is shown that, compared with diesel-powered electricity generation systems, solar photovoltaic systems are more affordable to no less than 36% of the unelectrified populations in East Asia, South Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa.

The off-grid catch-22: Effective institutions as a prerequisite for the global deployment of distributed renewable power

  • M. Aklin
  • Economics
    Energy Research & Social Science
  • 2020
Abstract Off-grid electric systems powered by renewable sources are appealing because they could reduce energy poverty in a sustainable manner. Yet their deployment has been uneven across the world.

Roads to Rule, Roads to Rebel: Relational State Capacity and Conflict in Africa

This work digitizes detailed African road maps and converts them into a road atlas akin to Google Maps to suggest that low relational state capacity increases the risk of armed conflict in Africa.

Equity Risk Premiums: Determinants, Estimation and Implications - The 2020 Edition

The equity risk premium is the price of risk in equity markets, and it is a key input in estimating costs of equity and capital in both corporate finance and valuation. Given its importance, it is