Accounting Principles

  title={Accounting Principles},
  author={Jerry J. Weygandt},
From the Publisher: Covers the traditional and managerial issues while ensuring that students understand the importance of accounting in the world today. A heavy emphasis is placed on decision making, communication, ethics and critical thinking. The text demonstrates how leading corporations utilize accounting information and gives students a context for the concepts they are learning. 

Tutorial Accounting Fundamentals: A New Look of British and American Accounting System

This paper aims to highlight the perception of graduate and undergraduate students regarding accounting fundamentals across British system and American system. The design of this paper is to derive a

The ICAEW's Recommendations on Accounting Principles and secrecy of process

Abstract This article discusses the origin, operation, and impact of the ICAEW's programme of issuing a series of Recommendations on Accounting Principles from 1942 to 1969, and examines in

Influence Organizational Commitment On The Quality Of Accounting Information System

Background of this study was based on the argument that there were correlation between organizational commitment and quality of accounting information system. This study aims to examine: the

History-Based Accounting Reform: Using Mathematics Perspective to Identify and Solve Some Main Problems in Accounting Education and Standards

Manuscript Type: Perspective Research Issue: Perceived as a pure social science, prominent accounting scholars agree that the current accounting development overemphasizes on rules, and this has wide

The Reasons of Considering Ethics in Accounting Job

In the current commercial environment, the role of accountants is important. Indeed, accountants have key role in success and dynamics of organizations. Based on their vital role in organization, it

Meaningful Learning: Improving Students’ Accounting Knowledge and Skills Through Learning Computer Accounting Practice Courses

The purpose of this study is to provide examples of meaningful learning practices in the Accounting Computer Practices (ACP) courses. During the process of preparing financial reports using

Changes in Accounting Education: Improving Principles Content for Better Understanding

Abstract Since the FASB replaced the APB in 1972, over 130 new pronouncements have been affecting the way we practice and teach accounting. Women are now on the verge of dominating the accounting