Accidental Hypothermia: an Experimental Study of Practical Rewarming Methods

  title={Accidental Hypothermia: an Experimental Study of Practical Rewarming Methods},
  author={Maurice Collis and A M Steinman and R D Chaney},
  journal={Aviation, space, and environmental medicine},
  volume={48 7},
Five rewarming techniques, appropriate for first-aid use in the nonhospital setting, were applied to each of nine subjects whose body temperatures had been lowered to 35 degrees C in a stirred tank of 7.5 degrees C water. The rewarming techniques were: a) inhalation of heated, water-saturated oxygen; b) placement of heating pads over areas of high heat transfer; c) combination of methods a) and b); d) hot whirlpool bath; and e) shivering. Inhalation of heated, water-saturated oxygen was… CONTINUE READING


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