Accessing the embryo interior without microinjection.

  title={Accessing the embryo interior without microinjection.},
  author={V H Latham and Ana Martinez and Lisa H. Cazares and Henry Hamburger and Michael J Tully and Steven B. Oppenheimer},
  journal={Acta histochemica},
  volume={100 2},
For decades it has been assumed that in order to insert macromolecules into the embryo blastocoel for numerous experimental purposes, microinjection was required. Microinjection, however, can be only performed on a few embryos at a time, thus precluding many studies that could involve large populations of embryos. Laser scanning confocal microscopy, with its optical sectioning advantage, showed that fluorochrome-labeled macromolecular lectins and bovine albumin enter the blastocoel of living… CONTINUE READING