Accessing Password-Protected Resources without the Password

  title={Accessing Password-Protected Resources without the Password},
  author={A. Pashalidis},
  journal={2009 WRI World Congress on Computer Science and Information Engineering},
  • A. Pashalidis
  • Published 2009
  • Computer Science
  • 2009 WRI World Congress on Computer Science and Information Engineering
  • Sometimes it is desirable to access password-protected resources, but undesirable to disclose the password to the machine in use. In such situations, providing the password is a task that can be delegated to a remote proxy server. This server has to engage the user in a challenge-response mechanism that does not require him to disclose his password to the local machine; if the user responds correctly, then the proxy must recover his password and fetch the protected resource for him. In this… CONTINUE READING
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