Accessing Libraries of Media Art through Metadata

  title={Accessing Libraries of Media Art through Metadata},
  author={A. L{\"u}dtke and B. Gottfried and O. Herzog and G. Ioannidis and Michael Leszczukz and V. Simko},
  journal={2009 20th International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Application},
  • A. Lüdtke, B. Gottfried, +3 authors V. Simko
  • Published 2009
  • Computer Science
  • 2009 20th International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Application
Being faced with digital libraries containing images and video content, means are required that characterize the content for efficient access. In addition, the confluence of media content which is distributed over a number of content providers requires a common and standardized way for searching the content. The usual solution consists in the employment of metadata which describes media content. Among others, issues that arise concern the kind of metadata to be used, how it is to be represented… Expand
Accessing Media Art via the GAMA Portal
This paper presents work on how media art has found its way into digital libraries in order to be accessible for a broad community, and focuses on the ideas behind the web portal developed for accessing several European media art collections that deploys the underlying metadata search-engine. Expand
A Survey on a System to Maintain the Storage of Contentious Image in the form of Descriptor
Child pornography is one of the rapidly increasing illegal activities in all over the world. Possession and distribution of Child pornography are considered as crimes which are prosecuted in mostExpand
Issue concerning child pornography has been growing fastest in all over the world. This crime is regarded as being extremely harmful; its prosecution is of the highest priority for police forces andExpand
An approach to maintain the stroage of contentious image in the form of descriptor
An innovative solution is presented in such a way that it provides a system for cataloguing metadata of the evidence material and also provide fast and accurate search to recover such evidence from suspected file system. Expand
Image Cataloguing Tool using Descriptor for Forensic Application
A tool is presented which is able to catalogue high- and low-level metadata of the evidence material and provides fast search to retrieve such evidence in suspect’s system and provides the relation between the previous cases and current cases. Expand
INACT—INDECT Advanced Image Cataloguing Tool
Child pornography possession and distribution are crimes which are prosecuted in most countries around the world. In some cases the law is so strict that even police forces are not allowed to gatherExpand
INACT - INDECT Advanced Image Cataloguing Tool
The outcome of the research and development work is INACT (INDECT Advanced Image Cataloguing Tool) software, which solves the problem of gathering and presenting evidence in police investigations of possession of images of child sexual abuse. Expand
From textual specification to formal verification


Graphical Search for Images by PictureFinder
This paper presents the PictureFinder system, which currently supports “full image retrieval” in analogy to full text retrieval, and presents the query by example approach, which allows graphical queries for the image the user has in his mind by sketching colored and/or textured regions or by whole images (query by example). Expand
Automatic Generation of Movie Trailers using Ontologies
With the advances in digital audio and video analysis, automatic movie summarization has become an important field of research. Much of the work has been put into movie abstracting for large mediaExpand
Multimedia content description interface——MPEG-7
The paper expounds how to describe the multimedia content in the MPEG-7 standard and discusses the principle, scope, architecture and application of the standard. Expand
The CSU Face Identification Evaluation System: Its Purpose, Features, and Structure
The CSU Face Identification Evaluation System provides standard face recognition algorithms and standard statistical methods for comparing face recognition algorithm performance and it is hoped it will be used by others to rigorously compare novel face identification algorithms to standard algorithms using a common implementation and known comparison techniques. Expand
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