Access to health care for undocumented migrants in Europe

  title={Access to health care for undocumented migrants in Europe},
  author={The Lancet},
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  • T. Lancet
  • Published 4 January 2008
  • Political Science
  • The Lancet
Providing medical care for undocumented migrants in Denmark: what are the challenges for health professionals?
It is described that undocumented migrants experience an unequal access to primary care facilities and that great uncertainties exist amongst health professionals as how to respond in such situations.
Health and access to care for undocumented migrants living in the European Union: a scoping review
This scoping review underlines the need for more and better-quality research, increased co-operation between gatekeepers, providers, researchers and policy makers, and reduced ambiguities in health-care rights and obligations for undocumented migrants.
Universal Access to Health Care for Migrants: Applying Cosmopolitanism to the Domestic Realm
: This article discusses cosmopolitanism as the moral foundation for access to health care for migrants. The focus is on countries with sufficiently adequate universal health care for their citizens.
Access to Health Care by Migrants with Precarious Status During a Health Crisis: Some Insights from Portugal
The paper analyzes national State obligations with regard to healthcare provision to migrants in irregular situation and analyzes the Portuguese solution, using this case study to discuss the possible mechanisms to comply with such obligations.
Irregular Migrant Access to Care: Mapping Public Policy Rationales
Both the USA and Europe limit access to care by undocumented immigrants (‘irregular migrants’ or IMs). In the debate over what level of access to confer to IMs, there are various public policy
Restricted access to antiretroviral treatment for undocumented migrants: a bottle neck to control the HIV epidemic in the EU/EEA
BackgroundIn the European Union/European Economic Area (EU/EEA), migrants from high-endemic countries are disproportionately affected by HIV. Between 2007 and 2012, migrants represented 39 % of
Access to healthcare for undocumented migrants with communicable diseases in Germany: a quantitative study.
The study highlights the gap between legislation and the reality of restricted access to medical services for undocumented migrants in Germany and underlines the need of increased financial and human resources in Public Health Authorities and, overall, the simplification of national legislation to assure the right to healthcare.
Irregular migrants challenging policy hierarchies and health professions - the case of Sweden
Findings are presented from a study exploring Swedish policy answers as regards right to access health care for irregular migrants residing in the country involving access on the same terms as resident and the role of health and welfare professions’ is regard.
Refugees and asylum seekers: a review from an equality and human rights perspective
This report examines the situation of asylum seekers and refugees from an equality and human rights perspective. It aims to contextualise measures taken towards asylum seekers and refugees within the
Barriers to health care access among undocumented migrant women in Norway
The aim of this study was to explore undocumented migrant women's subjective experiences of their health conditions and access to health care. The study is based on eight qualitative interviews with


Health care provision for illegal immigrants: should public health be concerned?
  • A. Torres, B. Sanz
  • Medicine, Political Science
    Journal of epidemiology and community health
  • 2000
This study tested whether illegal immigrants are effectively able to obtain medical treatment when ill in Spain, and whether alternative health care providers are used when they exist, and to what extent they are preferred to other providers.
Fundamental Social Rights for Irregular Migrants: The Right to Health Care in France and England
Desperate and vulnerable people, who take enormous risks to migrate to Europe in rickety boats or concealed in the containers of articulated lorries, are familiar images portrayed in the media of
Belgium: Health system review.
This Belgian HiT profile (2010) presents the evolution of the health system since 2007, including detailed information on new policies, as well as challenges and areas that require more in-depth analysis.
The demand for private medical insurance
This article provides an overview of private medical insurance (PMI) coverage in Great Britain and presents results from an empirical analysis of the demand for PMI. The empirical analysis uses a
Illegalen aan de 'poort' van de gezondheidszorg: toegankelijkheid en knelpunten in de zorg van huisartsen, verloskundigen en spoedeisende hulpafdelingen.
Sinds de invoering van de Koppelingswet is het voor illegalen in Nederland (nog) moeilijker een beroep te doen op gezondheidszorgvoorzieningen. Niettemin wordt in de wet gesteld dat de