Access to 27-Nortomatidine and 27-Norsoladulcidine Derivatives.

  title={Access to 27-Nortomatidine and 27-Norsoladulcidine Derivatives.},
  author={Dorota Czajkowska-Szczykowska and Alejandro Corona D{\'i}az and Grzegorz Aleksiejczuk and Yliana L{\'o}pez Castro and J. Morzycki},
  journal={The Journal of organic chemistry},
  volume={84 7},
Synthesis of (22 R)- and (22 S)-27-norspirosolane alkaloids from tigogenin, epismilagenin, and smilagenin is described. The alkaloids were prepared from readily available dinorcholanic lactones via their reaction with 4-chlorobutyllithium followed by substitution of chloride with azide and reductive N-cyclization under the Staudinger conditions. 
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