Access Control And Intrusion Detection For Security In Wireless Sensor Network

  • Sushma J. Gaurkar, Piyush K.Ingole
  • Published 2013


In wireless sensor networks (WSN), security access is one of the key component. Nodes in a wireless sensor network may be lost due to power exhaustion or malicious attacks. To prevent malicious nodes from joining the sensor network, access control is required in the design of sensor network protocols. WSN must be able to authorize and grant users the right to access to the network. On the other hand, WSN must organize data collected by sensors in such a way that an unauthorized entity cannot make arbitrary queries. The secure authentication protocol of traditional access control scheme do not provide concept of attribute mutability and can not perform continuous access decisions. The proposed work provide a new framework for low level intrusion detection at sensor with access control. This UCON scheme can perform access control with attribute mutability and decision continuity which provide more security. For the simulation purpose, . net framework is used.

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