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Acceptance and diffusion of hybrid corn seed in two Iowa communities

  title={Acceptance and diffusion of hybrid corn seed in two Iowa communities},
  author={Bryce. Ryan and Neal Crasilneck Gross},
Abstract The development and diffusion of hybrid corn is already an epic in the history of scientific agriculture. Emerging from the experimental stages about 1927, this new seed was in practically universal use among Iowa farmers a little over 10 rears later. Compared with many other scientifically approved practices its acceptance has been extremely rapid and complete. As in most instances of cultural or technological change, individuals varied in the date at which they took up the new… 
Henry Agard Wallace, the Iowa Corn Yield Tests, and the Adoption of Hybrid Corn
This research report makes the following claims: 1] There was not an unambiguous economic advantage of hybrid corn over the open-pollinated varieties in 1936. 2] The early adoption of hybrid corn
Yield Performance of Corn Under Heat Stress: A Comparison of Hybrid and Open-Pollinated Seeds During a Period of Technological Transformation, 1933-1955
Starting in the 1930s, commercial hybrid corn seeds rapidly replaced the once predominant open-pollinated varieties planted by farmers. By the mid-1950s almost all corn grown in the United States was
The Economics of Climate Change: Adaptations Past and Present: The Impact of the 1936 Corn Belt Drought on American Farmers’ Adoption of Hybrid Corn
The severe drought in 1936 revealed an advantage of hybrid corn not previously recognized – its drought tolerance. This revealed ecological resilience motivated some farmers to adopt hybrids
Exploring the Causes Driving Hybrid Corn Adoption from 1933 to 1955
Increasing global temperatures and frequent extreme weather events pose new challenges for modern agriculture. However, technology may provide some remedy to the symptom of climate change.
Using diffusion of innovations theory to understand agricultural producer perspectives on cover cropping in the inland Pacific Northwest, USA
There is increased interest in cover crops on farms; those planted during the fallow period or in place of a cash crop to improve soil and water quality. Despite extensive research suggesting that
The adoption of innovations and Precision Agriculture Technologies (PAT) is fundamental for establishing the patterns of agricultural production. However, the dynamics of adoption of PAT by farmers
The Role of Diffusion of Innovation in Agricultural to Compete in Asean Community
Diffusion of innovation is one of the most needed in agribusiness farming. Many farmers failed to increase their income. Besides, they lost their income and even their land because they couldn’t be


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