Accelerating the Convex Hull Computation with a Parallel GPU Algorithm

  title={Accelerating the Convex Hull Computation with a Parallel GPU Algorithm},
  author={Alan Keith and H{\'e}ctor Ferrada and Crist{\'o}bal A. Navarro},
  journal={2022 41st International Conference of the Chilean Computer Science Society (SCCC)},
The convex hull is a fundamental geometrical structure for many applications where groups of points must be enclosed or represented by a convex polygon. Although efficient sequential convex hull algorithms exist, and are constantly being used in applications, their computation time is often considered an issue for time-sensitive tasks such as real-time collision detection, clustering or image processing for virtual reality, among others, where fast response times are required. In this work we… 



GPU accelerated convex hull computation

Fast Two Dimensional Convex Hull on the GPU

This paper presents a GPU-optimized implementation for finding the convex hull of a two dimensional point set and achieves a speedup of up to 14 over the standard sequential CPU implementation.

Parallel Algorithms for Constructing Convex Hulls.

A sequential algorithm for constructing a convex hull of a simple polygon, which is a special case of a set of planar points, is designed and converted for linear array and two or more dimensional mesh-array architectures.

ConcurrentHull: A Fast Parallel Computing Approach to the Convex Hull Problem

A novel pruning-based approach for finding the convex hull set for 2D and 3D datasets using parallel algorithms that is flexible to be employed in a distributed computing environment and has the benefit of handling huge datasets.

A Straightforward Preprocessing Approach for Accelerating Convex Hull Computations on the GPU

  • Gang Mei
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 2014
A straightforward and efficient preprocessing approach to discard the points that locate inside a convex polygon formed by 16 extreme points that achieves speedups of about 4x ~5x on average and 5x ~ 6x in the best cases over the cases where the proposed approach is not used.

A Simple Parallel Convex Hulls Algorithm for Sorted Points and the Performance Evaluation on the Multicore Processors

A simple parallel algorithm for computing the convex hull of a set of n sorted points in the plane and the results show that the implementation achieves a speed-up factor of approximately 7 using 8 processors.

CudaHull: Fast parallel 3D convex hull on the GPU

A Novel Implementation of QuickHull Algorithm on the GPU

Optimal parallel algorithms for computing convex hulls and for sorting

  • S. Akl
  • Computer Science
  • 2005
It is shown that the convex hull algorithm leads to a parallel sorting algorithm whose total cost isO(n logn), which is optimal, and this performance matches that of the best currently known sequential conveX hull algorithm.