Accelerating next-generation vaccine development for global disease prevention.

  title={Accelerating next-generation vaccine development for global disease prevention.},
  author={Wayne Chester Koff and Dennis R. Burton and Philip R. Johnson and Bruce D. Walker and Charles R. King and Gary J. Nabel and Rafi Ahmed and Maharaj Kishen Bhan and Stanley A. Plotkin},
  volume={340 6136},
Vaccines are among the greatest successes in the history of public health. However, past strategies for vaccine development are unlikely to succeed in the future against major global diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. For such diseases, the correlates of protection are poorly defined and the pathogens evade immune detection and/or exhibit extensive genetic variability. Recent advances have heralded in a new era of vaccine discovery. However, translation of these advances into… CONTINUE READING