Accelerating Pathology Image Data Cross-Comparison on CPU-GPU Hybrid Systems

  title={Accelerating Pathology Image Data Cross-Comparison on CPU-GPU Hybrid Systems},
  author={Kaibo Wang and Yin Huai and Rubao Lee and Fusheng Wang and Xiaodong Zhang and Joel H. Saltz},
  journal={Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment. International Conference on Very Large Data Bases},
  volume={5 11},
As an important application of spatial databases in pathology imaging analysis, cross-comparing the spatial boundaries of a huge amount of segmented micro-anatomic objects demands extremely data- and compute-intensive operations, requiring high throughput at an affordable cost. However, the performance of spatial database systems has not been satisfactory since their implementations of spatial operations cannot fully utilize the power of modern parallel hardware. In this paper, we provide a… CONTINUE READING
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