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Accelerating Meta Data Checks for Software Correctness and Security

  title={Accelerating Meta Data Checks for Software Correctness and Security},
  author={Weihaw Chuang and S. Narayanasamy and B. Calder},
  journal={J. Instr. Level Parallelism},
  • Weihaw Chuang, S. Narayanasamy, B. Calder
  • Published 2007
  • Computer Science
  • J. Instr. Level Parallelism
  • As high GHZ processors become prevalent, adding hardware support to ensure the correctness and security of programs will be just as important, for the average user, as further increases in processor performance. The goal of our research is to focus on developing compiler and hardware support for ecien tly performing software checks that can be left on all of the time, even in production code releases, to provide a signican t increase in the correctness and security of software. In this paper we… CONTINUE READING
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