Accelerated tubular cell senescence in SMP30 knockout mice.

  title={Accelerated tubular cell senescence in SMP30 knockout mice.},
  author={Wako Yumura and Toshiyuki Imasawa and Shinya Suganuma and Akito Ishigami and Setsuko Handa and Seiji Kubo and Kensuke Joh and Naoki Maruyama},
  journal={Histology and histopathology},
  volume={21 11},
An experimental model with accelerated but not drastic renal senescence seemed useful to recognize the mechanisms of how kidney function deteriorates with age. Senescence marker protein-30 (SMP30), whose expression decreased with age and was sex-independent, is mainly expressed in hepatocytes and proximal tubular cells. Therefore, we established a SMP30 deficient strain of mice with a C57BL/6 background by gene targeting to investigate whether this molecule is involved in renal tubular cell… CONTINUE READING
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