Accelerated Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking in Thin Keratoconic Corneas.

  title={Accelerated Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking in Thin Keratoconic Corneas.},
  author={Engin Bilge Ozgurhan and Betul Ilkay Sezgin Akcay and Tuğba Kurt and Yusuf Yildirim and Ahmet Demirok},
  journal={Journal of refractive surgery},
  volume={31 6},
PURPOSE To report the outcomes of accelerated corneal collagen cross-linking in patients with thin corneas (minimum corneal thickness < 400 µm). METHODS Thirty-four eyes of 34 patients with a minimum corneal thickness less than 400 µm were included. All patients underwent accelerated corneal collagen cross-linking (irradiance power of 30 mW/cm² at 3 minutes with a total surface dose of 5.4 J/cm²). Uncorrected (UDVA) and corrected distance visual acuity (CDVA), manifest refraction (diopters [D… CONTINUE READING

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