Acanthosis nigricans and pituitary tumors. Report of eight cases.

  title={Acanthosis nigricans and pituitary tumors. Report of eight cases.},
  author={Jacquie Brown and Richard Knisely Winkelmann and Raymond V. Randall},
  volume={198 6},
Findings in eight patients with acanthosis nigricans and pituitary tumors, seven of whom had acromegaly or gigantism, emphasize the association of this dermatosis with pituitary disease. The sex incidence was equal, and their ages varied between 15 and 46 years. Two male patients had diabetes mellitus; three of four female patients had hypertrichosis, and all four female patients had amenorrhea. Obesity was not a constant feature. The clinical and histological findings were similar to those in… CONTINUE READING

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