Academy affirms hockey-stick graph

  title={Academy affirms hockey-stick graph},
  author={Geoff Brumfiel},
But it criticizes the way the controversial climate result was used. 

Money and the epistemologies of ignorance concerning climate change

The investigations and politically-motivated attacks taking place in climate change studies confirm that scientific knowledge comes about as social constructions shaped by non-scientific events and

Democracy, Public Policy, and Lay Assessments of Scientific Testimony1

Responsible public policy making in a technological society must rely on complex scientific reasoning. Given that ordinary citizens cannot directly assess such reasoning, does this call the

Authors were clear about hockey-stick uncertainties

Conservation scientists should follow the path of Richard Doll, who revealed that smoking causes lung cancer and then became active in advocating changes in public-health policies — without undermining his academic credibility.

A Primer on Global Environmental Change

This paper sets out the science behind global environmental change, defined by the US Global Change Research Act as ‘changes in the global environment (including alterations in climate, land

Réchauffement climatique : le Nord n’est pas moins concerné que le Sud

Les medias, comme nombre de decideurs ou de chercheurs, ont tendance a tenir pour acquis que le rechauffement climatique risque d’avoir un impact plus important sur les pays dits « en developpement »

Modelling the effects of climate change in Africa

In this issue of the African Journal of Ecology, we have put together a few papers related to climate change modelling (Platts, Omney & Marchant, 2015; Padonou et al., 2015; Walther & van Niekerk,

Introduction: Integrating high‐resolution past climate records for future prediction in the Australasian region

Recognising the challenge of human-induced climate change, the World Meteorological Organization and the United Nations Environment Program established the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Trends of Air Temperature, Precipitation and Potential Evapotranspiration in Southeastern United States and East-central China

This paper presents a meta-analysis of temperature and evapotranspiration trends in the SUS and the ECC over the period of 1991 to 2002 using data from the US Geological Survey (SUS) and the European Central Bank (ECC).



Climate change: is the US Congress bullying experts?

India's climate chief Rajendra Pachauri responds to US demands for information on climate change with a response to the US demands.

Global-scale temperature patterns and climate forcing over the past six centuries

Spatially resolved global reconstructions of annual surface temperature patterns over the past six centuries are based on the multivariate calibration of widely distributed high-resolution proxy