Academic bullying: How to be an ally

  title={Academic bullying: How to be an ally},
  author={Morteza Mahmoudi},
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The Gollum Effect: The Issue of Research Opportunity Guarding in Academia

Despite conservation research becoming increasingly more collaborative over the last decades (Wuchty et al., 2007; Adams, 2013), access to resources, such as species, study sites, and sometimes even

Breaking the silence around academic harassment

It is time to hold every member of the scientific community responsible and 'response able' in addressing/reporting academic harassment. Stop applauding academic stars on the podium prior to checking



Filling the Space: A Framework for Coordinated Global Actions To Diminish Academic Bullying.

A framework of integrated responding is focused on, in which stakeholders as responsible and response-able parties could proactively collaborate and coordinate to reduce the incidence and consequences of academic bullying while at the same time building constructive academic cultures.

A survivor's guide to academic bullying.

Universities move to stop passing the harasser.

Major research universities are taking steps to penetrate the veil of silence that abets the practice of "passing the harasser", but an engineering professor recently worked for 18 months at the National Science Foundation before the agency learned he had been suspended for bullying.

AAAS adopts new policy for ejecting harassers.

Starting on 15 October, fellows who have been found by an outside body to have violated professional ethics—which is defined as including sexual harassment—may be stripped of the prestigious honor of AAAS.

Top geneticist loses £3.5-million grant in first test of landmark bullying policy

The Wellcome Trust pulled the grant from Nazneen Rahman, who worked at the Institute of Cancer Research in London, after it was found that she did not have the necessary clinical experience to qualify for the grant.