Academic Use of Internet among Undergraduate Students: A Preliminary Case Study in a Malaysian University

  title={Academic Use of Internet among Undergraduate Students: A Preliminary Case Study in a Malaysian University},
  author={Balakrishnan Muniandy},
The year 1995 was considered the beginning of the Internet age in Malaysia. The growth in the number of Internet hosts in Malaysia began around 1996. Since then, the use of Internet has grown tremendously and, the use of Internet by students at universities now is common in Malaysia. Students use the Internet for social, entertainment, and educational purposes. This paper presents the findings from a preliminary study on how undergraduate students at a local university in Malaysia use the… 
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The very low correlations encountered showed that students who spent more time on the Internet did not make much greater use of it for academic purposes as compared with students who used the Internet less.
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From the analysis, it revealed that pre-degree students are an excessive user towards Internet for their academic purpose, yet level of Internet addiction in general shows that they are mild user.
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The results of the study reveal that usage of the Internet in research and ed-ucation was not favored, whereas email, chatting, and sports websites were commonly used among students.


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Las bibliotecas pueden influir en el comportamiento de informacion de estudiantes reevaluando sus programas instruccionales y proporcionando recursos y servicios, segun las disciplinas y los programas.
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