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Academic Torrents: Scalable Data Distribution

  title={Academic Torrents: Scalable Data Distribution},
  author={Henry Z. Lo and Joseph Paul Cohen},
As competitions get more popular, transferring ever-larger data sets becomes infeasible and costly. For example, downloading the 157.3 GB 2012 ImageNet data set incurs about $4.33 in bandwidth costs per download. Downloading the full ImageNet data set takes 33 days. ImageNet has since become popular beyond the competition, and many papers and models now revolve around this data set. For sharing such an important resource to the machine learning community, the sharers of ImageNet must shoulder a… Expand - Reproducing Intuition
Results indicate that ShortScience benefits students most, by providing short, understandable summaries reflecting expert opinions, on Expand
FairSwap: How To Fairly Exchange Digital Goods
FairSwap is introduced -- an efficient protocol for fair exchange of digital goods using smart contracts executed over decentralized cryptocurrencies, where the contract takes the role of an external judge that completes the exchange in case of disagreement. Expand
Contribution to High Performance Computing and Big Data Infrastructure Convergence. (Contribution à la convergence d'infrastructure entre le calcul haute performance et le traitement de données a large échelle)
Le sujet de cette these est de trouver la meilleure approche pour faire interagir ces deux gestionnaires de ressources et de traiter les differents problemes souleves par les mouvements de donnees and leur ordonnancement. Expand
Early Screening of SARS-CoV-2 by Intelligent Analysis of X-Ray Images
Results show that classic approaches can outperform deep-learning methods in this experimental setting, indicate the feasibility of early CO VID-19 screening and that non-COVID infiltration is the group of patients most similar to COVID-19 in terms of radiological description of X-ray. Expand
Recognition of Bathroom Activities in Older Adults Using Wearable Sensors: A Systematic Review and Recommendations
An overview of the studied bathroom activities, the wearable sensors used, different applied methodologies and the tested activity recognition techniques is provided. Expand