Academic Dishonesty among Physical Therapy Students: A Descriptive Study.

  title={Academic Dishonesty among Physical Therapy Students: A Descriptive Study.},
  author={Eli Montuno and Alex Davidson and Karen Iwasaki and Susan Frances Jones and Jay Martin and Dina Brooks and Barbara E Gibson and B. Villacres Mori},
  journal={Physiotherapy Canada. Physiotherapie Canada},
  volume={64 3},
PURPOSE To examine academically dishonest behaviours based on physical therapy (PT) students' current practices and educators' prior behaviours as PT students. METHOD A Web-based questionnaire was sent to 174 students and 250 educators from the PT programme at the University of Toronto. The questionnaire gathered data on demographics as well as on the prevalence of, seriousness of, and contributing factors to academic dishonesty (AD). RESULTS In all, 52.4% of educators and 44.3% of students… CONTINUE READING