Abundant variations of MC4R gene revealed by Phylogenies of Yak (Bos grunniens) and other mammals


MC4R gene was proved to play important roles in body weight regulation in many mammals and exhibit higher homology among different species. The mutations MC4R significantly correlated to the restricted feeding weight, fat deposition and energy balance. In this work, ORF sequences of MC4R gene of Bos grunniens were cloned and phylogenetic relationships of yak and other mammals were analyzed on the basis of MC4R genes. Totally 290 variable sites were examined in 25 sequences from 22 different mammals, and 23 haplotypes were defined with a haplotype diversity of 0.9900. All the sequences were clustered into phylogenetic clades representing different orders or families. The individuals of Bos grunniens, Bos taurus and Ovis aries which belonged to the family of Bovidae were more divergent from the other orders or families and bovid animals may have branched out from the phylogenetic tree earlier than other mammals analyzed during 450 million years of vertebrate evolution. Amino acid sequences inferred from MC4R genes exhibited 54 variable sites, while high conservation of MC4R was observed within the same order or family. We concluded that coding region of MC4R gene displayed abundant variations among different mammal phylogenetic clades, whereas, the conservation of MC4R within order or family could be explained that MC4R gene may have been subjected to substantial constraints or strong purifying selection during several million years of mammal evolution.

DOI: 10.1007/s11033-010-0418-2

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