Abundance, distribution, and territory areas of rock-dwelling Lake Tanganyika cichlid fish species

  title={Abundance, distribution, and territory areas of rock-dwelling Lake Tanganyika cichlid fish species},
  author={C. Sturmbauer and C. Fuchs and Georg Harb and E. Damm and N. Duftner and M. Maderbacher and M. Koch and S. Koblm{\"u}ller},
  • C. Sturmbauer, C. Fuchs, +5 authors S. Koblmüller
  • Published 2008
  • Biology
  • Hydrobiologia
  • Lake Tanganyika, the second-oldest and second-deepest lake in the world, harbors an impressive cichlid fish fauna counting about 250 endemic species that are characterized by a great level of ecological, morphological, and behavioral specialization. This study describes and compares cichlid fish communities at two rocky shores with differential human impact in the south of Lake Tanganyika. Species inventories and depth-dependent abundances were elaborated. About 41 and 46 sympatric cichlid… CONTINUE READING
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