Abstracts of the Eighth EDCTP Forum, 6–9 November 2016



DOI: 10.1136/bmjgh-2016-000260

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Vaillant and Hanen Samouda and Victorine Atanase Mensah and Sophie Roetynck and Ebrima Kanteh and Georgina Bowyer and Amy Ndaw and Francis Oko and Carly M. Bliss and Ya Jankey Jagne and Riccardo Cortese and Alfredo Nicosia and Rachel J Roberts and Flavia d'Alessio and Odile Y Leroy and Babacar T Faye and Badara Ciss{\'e} and Stephen Gerry and Nicola K. Viebig and Alison M. Lawrie and Katie J. Ewer and Adrian V S Hill and Issa O N{\'e}bi{\'e} and Guillaume S Sanou and Amadou Tidiani Konate and Baptiste J Yaro and Sirima Sodiomon and Yabo Josiane Honkpehedji and Jean Claude Dejon Agobe}, booktitle={BMJ global health}, year={2017} }