Abstracts of the 16th Annual Meeting of The Israel Society for Neuroscience Eilat, Israel, November 25–27, 2007


s of the 16th Annual Meeting of The Israel Society for Neuroscience Eilat, Israel, November 25–27, 2007 Received 9 October 2007; Accepted 9 October 2007 The Israel Society for Neuroscience—ISFN—was founded in 1993 by a group of Israeli leading scientists conducting research in the area of neurobiology. The primary goal of the society was to promote and disseminate the knowledge and understanding acquired by its members, and to strengthen interactions between them. Since then, the society holds its annual meeting every year in Eilat usually during December. At this annual meetings, the senior Israeli neurobiologists, their teams, and their graduate students, as well as foreign scientists and students, present their recent research findings in platform and poster presentations, and the program of the meeting is mainly based on the 338 received abstracts which are published in this volume. The meeting also offers the opportunity for the researchers to exchange information with each other, often leading to the initiation of collaborative studies. Both the number of members of the society and those participating in the annual meeting is constantly increasing, and it is anticipated that this year about 600 scientists will convene at the Princess Hotel in Eilat, Israel. Further information concerning the Israel Society for Neuroscience can be found at http://www.isfn.org.il.

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