Abstracts of papers presented at the Forty-Third annual meeting of The Potato Association of America

  title={Abstracts of papers presented at the Forty-Third annual meeting of The Potato Association of America},
  author={Robert Bagnall and Donald A. Young and Barrel R. Bienz and G. D. Brill and Joe C. Campbell and Graeme R Blake and Paul N. Carpenter and George Osgood Estes and Harold W. Gausman and Hawkins Arthur and Henning P. Hansen and William Jackson Hooker and Won Seog Kim and Nicolas Thompson and Robert W. Hougas and Stanley J. Peloquin and Edward F. Hoover and Paul A. Xander and August E. Kehr and James C. Horton and Maximilian Klinkowski and Aniela Kozlowska and Russell H. Larson and Nagayoshi Oshima and D. Lihnell and Paul N. Mosher and Harry J. Murphy and Michael J. Goven and John S. Niederhauser and R. W. Junior Buck and Robert V. Akeley and Javier Cervantes and Robert M. O’Keefe and Robert L. Plaisted and Gustav H. Rieman and D. C. Cooper and Pai Ming Tseng and Richard L. Sawyer and William H. Thorne and Karl M. Silberschmidt and D.H.M. van Slogteren and Ora Smith and Robert H. Treadway and Roland A. Struchtemeyer and Havenga Werner and Ernest John Wheeler},
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B A G N A L L , R. H. A N D D. A. Y O U N G I N H E R I T A N C E OF IMMUNITY TO VIRUS S IN T H E POTATO The virus-X-immune potato variety Saco is also highly resistant or immune to potato virus S. We have tested for S-immunity, seedlings from a number of crosses of which Saco was one parent, and also from selfed Saco. Where Saco was crossed with an unrelated seedling, susceptible to both viruses S and X, we found 11o immunity to virus S. Where Saco was crossed with a seedling that, like Saco… CONTINUE READING