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  title={Abstracts of Presentations},
  author={Beatrice Adera Amollo and John C. Anyanwu and Abraham A. Azubuike and Richard Bennett and Matthew Buys and Africa Jumanne Bwamkuu and J Cousins and Chrispin Hamooya and Werner Hillebrecht and Sarah Kaddu and Ezra Kalule and Sarah Kagoda-Batuwa and Brewster Kahle and Amos Kujenga and Rosa de Vries and David Charles Larsen and Roger A. Layton and Anthony John Maeder and Pierre Malan and Chedza Molefe and Rafaa A. Ghobrial Morgos and Glenda Myers and Danielle Aloia and Phindile Bekwa and Agnes Namaganda and Ben Wekalao Namande and Jean Paul Ndayisaba and Irene Onyancha and Nabil M. Saadallah and Geoffrey F. Salanje and Delight Tawanda Sigauke and Cathrine Nengomasha and Azeb Tewolde and Massimo Zaccaria and Deborah Wilson and Teklemichael T. Wordofa},
  journal={Brain and Cognition},
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A methodology for image matching of historical maps
Generally, maps are subject to spatial changes due to several factors. Some of these are older land surveying and mapmaking techniques, human endeavor (unwitting errors, misrepresentation, bias, or
Relevant Aspects of the Integration of Post-Soviet Countries in the Project of the Eurasian Economic Space
Presents an analytical article reveals the socio-political conditions of integration of post-Soviet States in a globalized world, and competition international alliances. The main stages of
It was supported that there might be specific biological reactions to lead in people free from occupational or accidental exposure to lead, though the extent of the reactions was supposed to be much less than that of occupationally-exposed lead workers.
Single Particle Modelling of Gas Phase Propylene Polymerization: Viscous Modulus and Time Scale Analysis
A single particle model for the gas phase propylene polymerization including convection due to pressure drop in the particle is used to study the mass transfer of two component system. The addition
Pharmaceutical and personal care products concentrations in the Belgrade Lakes: A possible threat to aquatic ecosystems and human health
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Application of Hybridization Breeding Technique for Fire Blight Resistance on Cydonia Oblonga: A Base Study on Susceptibility, Heterosis, and Heterobeltiosis Parameters
Fire blight resistance genes in quince are recessive, use of resistant varieties as pollinators is more successful in transferring resistance to hybrids, open pollination treatment is an essential and easy way in terms of obtaining resistant hybrids if the orchard has resistant pollinator, and heterobeltiosis for fire blight resistance is important.


We prove that degrees of rational solutions of an algebraic differential equation F(dw/dz,w,z) = 0 are bounded. For given F an upper bound for degrees can be determined explicitly. This implies that
An alternative approach to comprehensive Gröbner bases
An alternative definition of comprehensive Gröbner bases is given in terms of Gr ̈ obner bases in polynomial rings over commutative Von Neumann regular rings, which are wider and can define monomial reductions which are compatible with any instantiation.
An introduction to Gröbner bases
This book discusses rings, Fields, and Ideals, and applications of Grobner Bases, as well as improvements to Buchberger's Algorithm and other topics.
Nearest Singular Polynomials
This paper will consider the case of the nearest singular polynomial with a multiple zero of multiplicity k for any positive integer k ≥ 2 and derive some recursive relations related to the determination of nearest singularPolynomials for consecutive k’s.
Rational series and their languages
This chapter discusses the development of Rational Series over a Principal Ring, a model based on the model developed in Chapter I, and its applications to Languages and Codes.
Ten Lectures on Wavelets
This paper presents a meta-analyses of the wavelet transforms of Coxeter’s inequality and its applications to multiresolutional analysis and orthonormal bases.
Infty Editor -AMathematics Typesetting Tool with aHandwriting Interface and aGraphical Front-End to OpenXM Servers
Infty Editor : A Mathematics Typesetting Tool with a Handwriting Interface and a Graphical Front-End to OpenXM Servers (Computer Algebra : Algorithms, Implementations and Applications) Author(s)
Mechanical Geometry Theorem Proving
I: Methods in Mechanical Geometry Theorem Proving.- 1. An Introduction to Wu's Method.- 1. The Defects in Traditional Proofs.- 1.1. The Traditional Euclidean Proof.- 1.2. The Traditional Analytic
A first-order algebraic differential equation
Efficient algorithms for computing the nearest polynomial with constrained roots
This work gives a polynomial-time algorithm to compute the radius of stability in the Euclidean norm for a variety of stability domains and develops hybrid symbolic-numeric algorithms to constrain one root of a complex or realPolynomial to a curve in the complex plane.