Abstracts from the 3rd International Genomic Medicine Conference (3rd IGMC 2015)

  title={Abstracts from the 3rd International Genomic Medicine Conference (3rd IGMC 2015)},
  author={N. Homma and Ruyun Zhou and N. Hirokawa and M. Goudarzi and A. Fornace and S. Baeesa and Deema Hussain and F. Alghamdi and I. Khan and H. Qashqari and N. Madkhali and M. Saka and K. Saini and G. Damanhouri and A. Goodeve and L. Crookes and Nikolas Nik{\vs}i{\'c} and N. Beauchamp and Jim Vaught and Sayaka Miura and K. Gomez and A. Carracedo and H. Faheem and Ashok Agarwa and E. Nieschlag and J. Wistuba and O. S. Damm and T. Abdel-Meguid and H. Mosli and S. Coskun and Burak Ozkosem and Rick DuBois and S. Messaoudi and Maryam T. Dandana and W. Almawi and S. Abdalla and M. Alaama and A. Elzawahry and T. Takahashi and S. Mimaki and Eisaku Furukawa and Rie Nakatsuka and Isao Kurosaka and Takahiko Nishigaki and H. Nakamura and Satoshi Serada and T. Naka and Seiichi Hirota and Tatsuhiro Shibata and K. Tsuchihara and T. Nishida and M. Kato and S. Mehmood and N. M. Ashraf and Awais Asif and M. Bilal and Malik Siddique Mehmood and Aadil Hussain and M. U. Siddiqui and M. 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Ali and M. Rasool and N. Samm{\'a}n and Ghufrana Abdussami and Sathish Periyasamy and M. K. Warsi and Mohammed Aldress and Majed Al Otaibi and Zeyad Al Yousef and Mohamed Boudjelal and Abdelbasit Buhmeida and I. AlAbdulkarim and Rubi Ghazala and Shilu Mathew and M. H. Hamed and M. Assidi and Ishfaq A Sheikh and Muhammad M Abu-Elmagd and R. Turki and M. A. Beg and M. Suhail and Abid Qureshi and I. Qadri and M. Z. El-Readi and S. Y. Eid and M. Wink and Ahmed M. Isa and L. Alnuaim and Johara Al-Mutawa and Basim Abu-Rafae and S. Alasiri and S. Binsaleh and Nazia Nazam and Waseem Ahmad and M. H. Alqahtani},
  journal={BMC Genomics},
  • N. Homma, Ruyun Zhou, +535 authors M. H. Alqahtani
  • Published 2016
  • Medicine, Biology
  • BMC Genomics
  • Table of contentsO1 Regulation of genes by telomere length over long distancesJerry W. ShayO2 The microtubule destabilizer KIF2A regulates the postnatal establishment of neuronal circuits in addition to prenatal cell survival, cell migration, and axon elongation, and its loss leading to malformation of cortical development and severe epilepsyNoriko Homma, Ruyun Zhou, Muhammad Imran Naseer, Adeel G. Chaudhary, Mohammed Al-Qahtani, Nobutaka HirokawaO3 Integration of metagenomics and metabolomics… CONTINUE READING
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