Abstracts from Rambam Research Day, December 29, 2011

  title={Abstracts from Rambam Research Day, December 29, 2011},
  author={Danny Eytan and Asaf Gal and Avner Wallach and Einat Kermany and Netta Haroush and Shimon Marom and Rabea Asleh and Nina S. Levy and Rachel Miller-Lotan and Andrew P Levy and Ahmed Assalia and Yoram Vardi and Boaz Appel and Omar Massarwi and Ezra Gerber and Elliot Sprecher and Amichai Kilchevsky and Ilan Gruenwald and Adi Azran and Ohad Kimhi and Roni-Reuven Nir and Einat Shomer and Sarah Katzenell and Yaniv Zipori and Rami N. Sammour and Odile Robicsek and Isabelle Petit and Nava Salman and Daniel Aberdam and Dorit Ben-Shahar and Amal Khourieh and Fadel Bahouth and Izhak Kehat and Federica Accornero and Wolfram H Zimmermann and Jeffery D Molkentin and Gad Bar-Joseph and Ayala Cohen and Liora Ore and Zvi Figenberg and Eran Tal-Or and Rami Miller and Rachel Gil and Marielle Kaplan and Shadi Hamoud and Yvgeny Tendler and Edna Meilin and Aviva Lazarovitch and Tony El Hayek and Miry Blich and Amnon Golan and Gil Arvatz and Anat Sebbag and Itay Shafat and Victoria Cohen-Kaplan and Sirouch Petcherski and Elena Axelman and Liat Fux and Amnon Eitan and Haim Hammerman and Doron Aronson and Gabriel Nussbaum and Beckerman Ziv and Orit Hirshorn and Yonatan Antebi and Ziv Beckerman and Yoni Shopen and Hagar Alon and Victor Kertsman and Irit Chermesh and Jonathan Hajos and Tatiana Mashiach and Masha Bozhko and Idit Avrahami and Benny Dilmoney and Liran Shani and G. S. Bolotin and Sima Davidson and Erel Domany and Yael Kenig and Badira F. Makhoul and Zaher S. Azzam and Noa Lavi and Elias Saad and Israel Henig and Yuval Geffen and Raya Shalaginov and Hannah Sprecher and Eran Brauner and Hanny Bahouth and Haim Gilshtein and Haya Gratzenzon and Orna Aluk and Israela Berdicevsky and Yehuda Ullmann and Dana Egozi and Ami Neuberger and Yael-Shachor Meyouhas and Khetam Hussein and Yoram Agmon and I lana Oren and Eyal Braun and Hanna Sprecher and Ayeley Raz and Igor Mogilewski and Farid Nakhul and Shimon A. Reisner and Orna Eluk and Talia Mashiach and Dani Levin and Bezalel Peskin and Gabriel Nirenberg and Suhil Karkabi and Renato Finkelstein and Galit Rabino and Tania Mashiach and Y C Bar-el and Zvi Adler and Victor Kertzman and Oved Cohen and Simha Milo and Edurado Shaha and Zila Shen-Orr and Gamal Hassoun and Eynat Kedem and Doron Norman and Raya Gendelman and Marina Nodelman and Elena. Segal and Marina Kustanovich and Sophia Ish-Shalom and Dafna Rozentzweig Ben-Yosef and Chava Harel and Ahmad Assalia and Ahmad Mahajna and Irit Hochberg and Maya Ramdas and Michal Armoni and Theodore P Ciaraldi and Robert R. Henry and Eddy Karnieli and Oren Katz and Yonatan Crispel and Ze’ev Hochberg and Noam Bettman and Tamar Katz and Hanna Rosenbaum and Irit Avivi and Ariel Zilberlicht and Rachel Bar Shalom and Eldad J Dann and Osnat Bairey and Rachel Bar-Shalom and Marina Izak and Abraham Korenberg and Dina Attias and Uri Abadi and Roxolyana Abdah Bortnyak and Neta Goldschmidt and Ron Epelbaum and David Lavie and Ofer Shpilberg and Ora Paltiel and Shilo Yaari and Michal Chayum and Drorit Merkel and Kalman Filanovsky and Ariel Aviv and Moshe E Gatt and Tamar Tadmor and Najib Dally and Aharon Ronson and Andrei Braester and Luiza Akria and Yair Herishanu and Ariela Arad and Nagler Arnon and Ronit Leiba and Yishai Ofran and Tzila Tzukerman and E Veitsman and Michael Libes and Omri Nayshool and Julie Carmel and Tarek Saadi and Arie Arish and Zachar Bramnik and Iris Mironi-Harpaz and Dror Seliktar and Yaacov Baruch and Yuval Ginsberg and Zeev Weiner and Nizar Khativ and Shay Arison and Vered Shickman and Joseph Itskovitz-Eldor and Michael G. Ross and Geula Klorin and Ron Beloosesky and Netzer Itamar and Kerner Hedwiga and Litwin Ludmila and Lowenstein Lior and Itamar M Netzer and Shehrban Sobeh and Lior Lowenstein and Ofer Lavie and Konstantin Gourevich and Karen-Anett B{\"u}sing and Roxolyana Abdah-Bortnyak and Alexander Nevelsky and Alison Berniger and Raquel Bar-Deroma and Rahamim Ben Yosef and Anat Aharon and Lilach Koren and Orit Kaidar-Person and Fadi Mari and Sagi Abelson and Irena Reiter and Yeela Shamai and Liron Berger and Roni Shouval and Amnon Amit and Michael Kagan and Jacob Botwinkin and Benjamin Akwei and Raja Naddaf and Imad Abu el-Naaj and Noam Yehudai and Imad Abu-El Naaj and Amir Wolff and Myrela Shveis and Micha Peled and Myroslav Lutsyk and Micha Bar Hanna and Yoram Cohen and Judith Sandbank and Gabriel M Groisman and Victoria Doviner and Isaac Cohen and Dov Hershkovitz and Liora Farber and Hela Elkin and Yehudit Peerless and Michael H. Schultz and Naomi Segal and Doron Lulav and Gil Bar-Sela and Elizabeth Dudnik and Jonathan Kuten and Katerina Shulman and Ofer Ben-Itzhak and Neta Ilan and Israel Vlodavsky and Luda Guralnik and Mordechai Yigla and Mira Wollner and Efrat Shadmi and Lea Ungar and Nurit Naveh and Ella Muller and Michael Kaffman and Nosaiba Rayan and Shmuel Reis and Haitam Nasrallah and Nantakan Ieumwananonthachai and Alex Nebelski and Veronic Bakouche and Salem Billan and Rahamim Ben-Yosef and Abraham Kuten and Yelena Granovsky and Hadas Nahman-Averbuch and Morir Khamaisi and Yael Caspi and Ortal Slobodin and Nina Kammerer and Guy Enosh and Shai Shorer and Michael Inspector and Aleksandra Nemirovsky and Aharon-Perez Judith and Asaf Gilboa and Eyal Asor and Hilla Belhanes and Avital Avital and Klarina Shertser and Yael Chertkow-Deutsher and Milli Kritman and Mouna Maroun and Ehud Klein and R. Gal and K Hui and Bella Smolin and Rachel Karry and Shunit Gal-Ben-Ari and M. Rosenfeld and Hanit Brenner-Lavie and Shunit Gal-Ben Ari and Alexandra Kavushansky and Dorit Ben-Shachar and Beth Brianna Murinson and Lina Mezei and Alyza M Skaist and Philippe Taieb and Ruth A. Katz and Keren Berger and Michal Hason Rozenstein and Zohar Eviatar and D{\'a}niel Stein and Yael Latzer and Eduardo Shahar and Gizu Wildbaum and Natan Karin and Amos Etzioni and Ron Rabinowicz and M. Barchana and Irena Liphshiz and Linn Shai and Boris Futerman and Myriam Weyl Ben-Arush and Elena Krivoy and Myriam Weyl Ben Arush and Irina Zaidman and Roni Gefen and Yael Shachor-Meyouhas and Israela Avidor and Nir Samuel and Giora Weizer and Shani Peled and Itai Shavit and Dan Turner and Małgorzata Sladek and G{\'a}bor G{\'a}bor Veres and Gigi Veereman-Wauters and Johanna C Escher and Anders Paerregaard and Jorge Dias and Paolo Lionetti and Arie Levine and Garah Jamal and Orly Eshach and Irit Rozen and Ron Shaoul and Dan Levy Faber and Michael Orlovsky and Moshe Lapidot and Rony-Reuven Nir and Hadar Zigdon-Giladi and Tova Bick and Dina Lewinson and Eli E. Machtei and Ben Bluen and Kamel Yassin and Ruth Keren and Leonid Malchin and Yoram Shimon Kluger and Muhammad Khateeb and Jesse Lachter and Eduard Koifman and Edna Efrati and Hila Elkin and Amir Klein and Rami Eliakim and Amir S Karban and Yoav Mazor and Ofer Ben-Izhak and Edmond Sabo and Leon Levi and Aharon Gefen and Yael Shachor and Imad Kassis and Reena Abboud and Shimon Pollack and Norberto Krivoy and Nahum Rosenberg and Yaniv Keren and Michael Soudry and Igor Kogan and Maxim Leiderman and Aharon Hoffman and Samy S. Nitecki and Tony Karram and Amos Ofer and Alexander Kuzmin and Dorith Koren and Galit Sarig and Benjamin R Brenner and Nissim Haim and Menashe Zaaroor and Azaria Simonovich and Aaron Kulater and Olga Kagna and Saher F Srour and Eyal A Melamed and Zohar Keidar and Maya Abu Gazala and Radu Rozenberg and R. Shreiber and Ludmila Guralnik and Ayelet Eran and Roni Shreter and Yoav Leiser and Imad Abuelnaaj and Daniela Militianu and Michal Weiler-Sagie and Yoseph Addadi and Ofra Golani and Dorit Fink and Ofra Kessler and Gera Neufeld and Michal Neeman and Nira Beck-Razi and David Mor-Yosef and Ofer Ben Itzhak and Michael Moshe Krausz and Diana Gaitini and Adam J. Kreitenberg and Doron Fischer and Itay Maza and Yehuda Chowers and A. Engel and Hanna Admi and Yael Eilon and Nurit Alkalay and Shiran Yehezkel and Annie Rebibo-Sabbah and Yardena Segev and Maty Tzukerman and Rony Shaked and Irit Huber and Lior Gepstein and Karl Skorecki and Sara Selig and Ayelet Raz-Pasteur and Aviva Gamliel-Lazarovich and Shlomo Keidar and Ziad Khamaysi and Reuven Bergman and Gregory Telman and Dorit Goldsher and A. Netzer and Avishay Golz and Arie Oliven and Alexandra Balbir-Gurman and Bianca Fuhrman and Yolanda Braun-Moscovici and Doron Markovit and Michael Y Aviram and Irena Litinsky and Alexandra Balbir-Girman and Jonathan Wollman and Uri Arad and Daphna Paran and Dan Caspi and Ori Elkayam and Sohair Bishara-Swaid and Laila Nassar and Salim Hadad and Ran Kremer and Yonathan Crispel and Shiri Fadel and David Yarnitsky and Michal Granot and Lael Anson Best and Bishara Bishara and Niroz Abu saleh and Nabil Ghrayeb and Ilia Goltsman and Iyad Khamaysi and Rawi Ramadan and Diana Faour and Suheir Assady and Hoda R. Awad and Zaid A. Abassi and Tatiana Smolkin and Giselle Diab and Irit Shohat and Huda Jubran and Shraga Blazer and Geila S. Rozen and Imad R. Makhoul and Noam Benyamini and Adi J. Klil-Drori and Jacob M. Rowe and Tsila Zuckerman and Simona Hershkovitch and Dana A. Weiner and Iris Elad and Eugenia Mahamid and Aliza Hannah Stark and Orit Gur and Sara Tzafrir and Ishai Shahor},