Abstracts, Oral communications, Wednesday, 4 September 2002

  • D . Koczan, H . J . Thiesen, +11 authors C . Corone
  • Published 2002 in
    European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and…


Aim: The kinetics of dynamic PET FDG studies in musculoskeletal tumors was compared with the quantitative measurements of VEGF expression. Methods: Dynamic PET FDG studies were performed in 35 patients with sarcomas prior to surgery. The PET data were acquired for 60 minutes using a dedicated PET ring system. Following iterative image reconstruction, the data were quantified using a dedicated software program. Besides the calculation of SUV, a two compartment model was used to retrieve the parameters VB (vessel density) and the FDG transport constants K1-k4. Furthermore, a noncompartment model was applied to gain information about the tumor heterogeneity using the fractal dimension (FD). Following surgery, tissue samples were processed by quantitative RTPCR using a lightcycler system for VEGF, the vascular endothelial growth factor, important for the tumor angiogenesis. Results: Scatter plots demonstrate, that the VEGF expression was generally associated with higher K1 values. The vessel density was independent from the VEGF expression. While the VEGF expression was variable at low SUV, the expression of VEGF was generally increased when the SUV exceeded 4.0. The simple linear correlation analysis of the parameters provided no significant correlations. A multi-factorial regression function was calculated, using SUV, K1-k4, VB and FD as predictor variables and the measured VEGF expression as the target variable. We noted a correlation of r=0.88 for these parameters, demonstrating that the dynamic of FDG accumulation is associated with angiogenetic activity. Conclusion: The results demonstrate, that tumor angiogenesis modulate the kinetics of FDG accumulation. 416 Diagnostic usefulness of image fusion of FDG-PET and CT/MRI in patients with head and neck cancer

DOI: 10.1007/s00259-002-0957-4

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