Abstracts: 23rd Annual RIMS Conference 2018

  title={Abstracts: 23rd Annual RIMS Conference 2018},
  author={Massimiliano Pau and Micaela Porta and Federica Corona and Giuseppina Pilloni and Giancarlo Coghe and Eleonora Cocco},
  journal={Multiple Sclerosis Journal},
  pages={838 - 881}
Submitter: Massimiliano Pau Use of inertial sensor to analyze gait patterns during simultaneous texting and walking in people with Multiple Sclerosis Massimiliano Pau1, Micaela Porta1,2, Federica Corona1, Giuseppina Pilloni1, Giancarlo Coghe2, Eleonora Cocco2 1Department of Mechanical Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Cagliari (ITALY), 2Department of Medical Sciences and Public Health, Sardinian Center for Multiple Sclerosis, University of Cagliari (ITALY) 

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