• Computer Science
  • Published in ArXiv 2018

Abstractive Tabular Dataset Summarization via Knowledge Base Semantic Embeddings

  title={Abstractive Tabular Dataset Summarization via Knowledge Base Semantic Embeddings},
  author={Paul Azunre and Craig Corcoran and David Sullivan and Garrett Honke and Rebecca Ruppel and Sandeep Verma and Jonathon Morgan},
This paper describes an abstractive summarization method for tabular data which employs a knowledge base semantic embedding to generate the summary. Assuming the dataset contains descriptive text in headers, columns and/or some augmenting metadata, the system employs the embedding to recommend a subject/type for each text segment. Recommendations are aggregated into a small collection of super types considered to be descriptive of the dataset by exploiting the hierarchy of types in a pre… CONTINUE READING
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