Absorption of methylmercury compounds from rat intestine.

  title={Absorption of methylmercury compounds from rat intestine.},
  author={Tomohiko Urano and Atsuko Iwasaki and Seiichiro Himeno and Akira Naganuma and Nobumasa Imura},
  journal={Toxicology letters},
  volume={50 2-3},
Intestinal absorption of methylmercury complexed with non-protein sulfhydryl compounds (NPSHs) as occurs in bile was studied by means of direct injection of mercury compounds into ligated intestinal segments of rats. The extent of absorption of methylmercury-cysteinylglycine (MM-CysGly) was similar to that of methylmercury-cysteine (MM-Cys) and 1.5 times larger than that of methylmercury-glutathione (MM-GSH). This results suggested that MM-CysGly, which is recognized as a major component of… CONTINUE READING