Absorption of Photo-Ionizing Radiation of Corona Discharges in Air

  title={Absorption of Photo-Ionizing Radiation of Corona Discharges in Air},
  author={M. Aints and A. Haljaste and T. Plank and L. Roots},
  journal={Plasma Processes and Polymers},
The absorption characteristics of photo-ionizing VUV radiation emitted by corona discharges in the pressure range from 20 to 750 Torr in dry and humid air were measured. The experimental results are compared with data and approximation formulae obtained by others. For a wide region of pressure and absorption path length, the formula proposed by Zheleznyak et al. (Teplofiz. Vysokih Temp. 1982, 20, 423) seems to be the most reliable for approximation of our results for dry air. We propose a… Expand
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