Absorption flattening in the optical spectra of liposome‐entrapped substances

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Enzymatic Reactions in Liposomes

Wavelength shifts in solid-state circular dichroism spectra: a possible explanation.

It is concluded that AF is an important cause of distortions in CD spectra for inhomogeneous samples and plans to compensate or at least to take into account this effect are presented.

Using UV-Vis. linear dichroism to study the orientation of molecular probes and biomolecules in lipidic membranes

Linear dichroism methodologies are based on the different interaction of molecules with linearly polarized light depending on their orientation. Theoretical predictions are used to conclude on the

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Analysis of the interaction of cyclosporine congeners with cell membrane models.

Optical detection of CO and CO2 temperature dependent desorption from carbon nanotube clusters

An active substrate is developed that combines an optical sensor with a CNT cluster substrate that is able to accurately probe the temperature dependent desorption of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide gases from the carbon nanotube cluster surface.

The Bouguer‐Beer‐Lambert Law: Shining Light on the Obscure

This review will be an essential tool towards a full understanding of optical spectra and their quantitative interpretation based not only on oscillator positions, but also on their strengths and damping constants.



Experimental correction for the inner-filter effect in fluorescence spectra

Recorded fluorescence intensity is in general not proportional to sample concentration owing to absorption of the incident and emitted light passing through the sample to and from the point inside

Liposomes : a practical approach

Cossins liposomes in biological systems, R.R.C.Jones and A.J.Martin physical methods of study and new liposome characterization.