Absorption cross-section of IO at 427.2 nm and 298 K

  title={Absorption cross-section of IO at 427.2 nm and 298 K},
  author={Terry J. Dillon and Mar{\'i}a E Tucceri and Dirk H{\"o}lscher and John N. Crowley},
Abstract The absorption cross-section of the IO radical was determined at a wavelength of 427.2 nm and at a resolution of ≈0.08 nm at room temperature (298 ± 2 K) using the technique of laser photolysis combined with transient absorption spectroscopy. Three previously untested chemical schemes were used to generate calibrated amounts of IO and two of these were used to derive a cross-section of σ 427.2 nm IO = ( 3.55 ± 0.35 ) × 10 − 7 c m 2 molecul e − 1 . The value of σ max , at the peak of… CONTINUE READING