Absorption and retention in acute diarrhoea.


15N-yeast protein absorption, nitrogen and fat retention and stool reducing substances and lactate were measured in 6 infants who had acute diarrhoea and 15 who had had severe diarrhoea for 4 d. The results were compared with those of previously reported infants, who had had diarrhoea for 8 d. The infants were fed a full cream cows' milk, soy based or low lactose formula. In all cases the losses of nitrogen and energy in stool rose as stool weight increased. In severe diarrhoea, the losses of nutrients in stool were so great that oral feeds did not provide adequate nitrogen and energy. The smallest loss of nitrogen and fat were found in infants who had had diarrhoea for 4 d and who were fed a soy based formula.


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