Absorption and first-pass metabolism of 14C-gamma-hydroxybutyric acid.

  title={Absorption and first-pass metabolism of 14C-gamma-hydroxybutyric acid.},
  author={John T Lettieri and H. L. Fung},
  journal={Research communications in chemical pathology and pharmacology},
  volume={13 3},
The recovery of radioactivity from plasma, urine and feces was determined in rats after administration of oral and intravenous doses (200 mg/kg) of 14C-labeled sodium gamma-hydroxybutyric acid. Very small portions of the radioactive dose were recovered in the urine (5.5%, oral; 7.1%, intravenous) and feces (1.5% oral; 0.6%, intravenous) collected between 0-48 hours after drug administration. Considerable levels of radioactivity were found in the plasma after oral dosing. The area under the… CONTINUE READING

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