Absorption and Mobility of Boron in Young Citrus Plants

  title={Absorption and Mobility of Boron in Young Citrus Plants},
  author={Rodrigo Marcelli Boaretto and Jos{\'e} Ant{\^o}nio Quaggio and Francisco Acr{\'i}sio Martins Moreira Filho and Mar{\'i}a Fernanda Gin{\'e} and Ant{\^o}nio Enedi Boaretto},
Boron (B) deficiency is widespread in Brazilian citrus orchards and has been considered an important soil constraint to citrus yield. The aim of this work was to study B uptake and its mobility in young citrus trees, under different B statuses, in two rootstocks. The experiment was carried out in a greenhouse, with ‘Valencia’ sweet orange trees budded on Rangpur lime or Swingle citrumelo. The plants were grown in pots containing nutrient solutions under either adequate or deficient B supply… CONTINUE READING