Absorption, metabolism, and excretion of risperidone in humans.

  title={Absorption, metabolism, and excretion of risperidone in humans.},
  author={Geert S J Mannens and Mary Lin Huang and Willem E. G. Meuldermans and Jan Hendrickx and R. J. H. Woestenborghs and Joseph Heykants},
  journal={Drug metabolism and disposition: the biological fate of chemicals},
  volume={21 6},
The absorption, metabolism, and excretion of the novel antipsychotic risperidone was studied in three healthy male subjects. One week after a single oral dose of 1 mg [14C]risperidone, 70% of the administered radioactivity was recovered in the urine and 14% in the feces. Unchanged risperidone was mainly excreted in the urine and accounted for 30, 11, and 4% of the administered dose in the poor, intermediate, and extensive metabolizer of debrisoquine, respectively. Alicyclic hydroxylation at the… CONTINUE READING