• Materials Science
  • Published 1996

Absorber with a re-wetting barrier

  title={Absorber with a re-wetting barrier},
  author={ダービー、デニス・アレン and トロンベッタ、リベラトーレ・アントニオ and ハータネン、ジェイン・スーザン and パテル、ダーンラジャ・シャンティラル},
(57) Abstract: The present invention provides an absorbent body having a rewet barrier. Absorber disposed liquid-permeable topsheet, a liquid adhered to the surface sheet impervious backsheet, topsheet and backsheet placed absorbent core between, between the top sheet and the absorbent core It has been accepted fibrous layer, and includes a rewet barrier positioned between the receiving fiber layer and the absorbent core. The rewet barrier is grossly expanded open three-dimensional polymer web… CONTINUE READING