Corpus ID: 134780083

Absorbent article having a sensing member

  title={Absorbent article having a sensing member},
  author={クアン‐カイ、リウ and ジェニファー、ジョアン、ナンドレア and ドナルド、キャロル、ロー},
Absorbent article include a backsheet, a topsheet having a body-facing surface with attached to the backsheet, the backsheet and arranged absorbent core between said topsheet, a city with a longitudinal axis to. Article also has a barrier leg cuff. The article is partly defined by the topsheet, or even a good sense member be separate from the topsheet. Sensing member, the wetness sensation member, the temperature sensing element, or a combination of the two. Visible highlighting may be… CONTINUE READING

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