Absolute stability of a Bénard-von Kármán vortex street in a confined geometry

  title={Absolute stability of a B{\'e}nard-von K{\'a}rm{\'a}n vortex street in a confined geometry},
  author={Paul Boniface and Luc Lebon and Laurent Limat and Mathieu Receveur},
We have investigated the stability of a double vortex street, induced in a rectangular container by a tape, or a rope, moving at high speed on its free surface. Depending on the tape velocity and on the geometrical aspect ratios, three patterns of flows are observed: 1) a vortex street with recirculation of the liquid along the lateral sides of the container, 2) the same recirculation but with no stable vortex array, 3) recirculation along the bottom of the container. We have investigated the… CONTINUE READING
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