Absolute configurations of Emycin D, E and F; mimicry of centrosymmetric space groups by mixtures of chiral stereoisomers.

  title={Absolute configurations of Emycin D, E and F; mimicry of centrosymmetric space groups by mixtures of chiral stereoisomers.},
  author={Walker and Pohl and Herbst-Irmer and Gerlitz and Rohr and Sheldrick},
  journal={Acta crystallographica. Section B, Structural science},
  volume={55 Pt 4},
  • Walker, Pohl, Sheldrick
  • Published 1 August 1999
  • Chemistry
  • Acta crystallographica. Section B, Structural science
The crystal structures of Emycin E (1), di-o-bromobenzoyl-Emycin F (2) and o-bromobenzoyl-Emycin D (3) have been determined by X-ray analysis at low temperature. Emycin E and o-bromobenzoyl-Emycin D both crystallize with two molecules in a triclinic unit cell. These two structures can be solved and refined either in the centrosymmetric space group P1;, with apparent disorder localized at or around the expected chiral centre, or in the non-centrosymmetric space group P1 as mixtures of two… 
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