Absolute SiO concentration imaging in low-pressure nanoparticle-synthesis flames via laser-induced fluorescence

  title={Absolute SiO concentration imaging in low-pressure nanoparticle-synthesis flames via laser-induced fluorescence},
  author={Robin S. M. Chrystie and Felix L. Ebertz and Thomas Dreier and Christof Schulz},
  journal={Applied Physics B},
In this paper, we present a strategy for imaging measurements of absolute concentration values of gas-phase SiO in the combustion synthesis of silica, generated from the reaction of hexamethyldisiloxane (HMDSO) precursor in a lean (ϕ = 0.6) hydrogen/oxygen/argon flame. The method is based on laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) exciting the Q(42) rotational transition within the A1Π − X1Σ (1, 0) electronic band system of SiO at 231 nm. Corrections for temperature-dependent population of the related… 
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