Absolute Isotopic Abundance Ratios and Atomic Weight of Magnesium

  title={Absolute Isotopic Abundance Ratios and Atomic Weight of Magnesium},
  author={Edward J. Catanzaro and Thomas J. Murphy and Ernest L Garner and William R. Shields},
Absolute values have been obtained for the isotopic abundance ratios of magnesium, using surface emission mass spectrometry. Samples of known isotopic composition, prepared from nearly pure separated magnesium isotopes, were used to calibrate the mass spectrometers. The resulting absolute values are Mg/Mg = 0.12663 ±0.00013 and Mg/Mg = 0.13932 ±0.00026, yielding an atomic weight (C = 12) of 24.30497 ±0.00044. The indicated uncertainties are, overall limits of error based on 95 percent… CONTINUE READING